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Who's Who - help

Internal and public version

In the Who's Who, a strict distinction is made between the internet version, which is visible to all users, and the intranet version, which requires logging in.
The internet version of the Who's Who directory is recognizable by the blue internet header:

Who's Who internet header

At the top right of the screen you will find "intranet version".  If you click this, you will be taken to the intranet version of the Who's Who directory, recognizable by the orange header:

Who's Who intranet header

The intranet version shows more details than the internet version. For more information, see Who's Who – information and modifications.


Dutch and English version

The Who's Who directory is available in English as well as in Dutch. At the top right of the screen, you will find the link "Nederlandse versie".  If you click this, you will be taken to the Dutch version of Who’s Who.


Searching Who’s Who

Search by name

The search boxes "Surname" and "First name" allow you to search by person’s name:

  • using the "Surname" search box you can search by (the start of) the
    • official surname
    • name used in publications
  • using the "First name" search box you can search by (the start of) the
    • official first name
    • preferred name


Searches ignore

  • case (‘janssens’ and ‘Janssens’ will return the same results)
  • spaces (‘De Smet’  and ‘Desmet’ will return the same results)
  • hyphens (‘Anne-mie’ and ‘Annemie’ will return the same results)
  • accents (‘André’ and ‘Andre’ will return the same results)


If you do not know the exact spelling of a name, use * as a wildcard.
A list of up to 90 persons that match your query will be displayed.


Advanced search

Who's Who advanced search link

Who's Who advanced search

Use  Advanced Search to find a person by

  • a search term that sounds like his / her first name or surname
  • his / her u-number or main staff number
  • his / her telephone number


It is also possible to search for an administrative e-mail address by entering

  • (the start of) the e-mail address itself
  • (the start of) the ‘name’ of the administrative e-mail address
  • * as a wildcard and the partial name or the partial e-mail address


More information

Visit  Who’s Who – information and modifications to find out

  • which information is shown
  • who is responsible for maintaining and modifying which information