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HR Department course overview

Information for: KU Leuven staff


KU Leuven offers its staff members a variety of training courses. The HR Department is one of the training organizers. They offer courses on interpersonal and managerial skills and on personal effectiveness.


Course catalogue

The HR Department makes a distinction between:

  • trainings for all staff
  • specific trainings for young researchers

You can also request one of the training specifically for your team. Your HR consultant, HR adviser and/or adviser of Training and Development will help you.

(these courses are only taught in Dutch)


Trainings for all staff categories Trainings for all researchers
Trainings for supervisors Trainings for supervisors


Some practical pointers

Discuss trainings with your supervisor

If you want to attend a training, you should discuss this it in advance with your supervisor. Your supervisor will receive an email upon your course enrollment.

Course language

  • Most courses for all staff are organized in Dutch.
  • The courses for young researchers are given in both Dutch and English. Some courses, however, are only available in English.

Pay attention to the teaching language upon enrollment.

Course enrollment

  • You are a KU Leuven staff member: you can enroll for a course via KU Loket > Staff trainings. In the tool, staff can browse a course catalog containing the courses from different training organizers and enroll for those courses.
  • You are not a KU Leuven staff member: please contact us via for more information