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ICTS products and services (centralised ICT service)

ICTS offers a wide range of services to KU Leuven departments, staff members and students, and to KU Leuven Association institutions.

Our central ICT supply goes hand in hand with the local ICT service within the groups, faculties and departments.



ICTS Service catalogue

The ICTS Service Catalogue is a structured and transparent overview of descriptions, prices and application procedures for the standard ICTS service. To consult this catalogue, you need to log in using a KU Leuven Association userid.

» ICTS Service Catalogue

Central service

ICTS Servicepunt

ICTS Service Desk

The first contact point for all ICTS questions.

HPC en onderzoek

HPC and research

The group "Facilities for Research" organises and coordinates a number of activities related to ICT use involved in scientific research.



KU Leuven's electronic test and learning environment.



Via ICTS, KU Leuven students and departments have access to a whole series of software under attractive academic conditions.

Administratieve processen

Administrative processes

The central systems for the management of administrative information about education, students, staff, research, finance, etc.

Netwerk, connectiviteit en KotNet

Network, connectivity and KotNet

Internet at KU Leuven, your campus residence or at home.

Skype voor Bedrijven

Skype for Business

Call, chat, mail and meet using a single package.

Web Management Systeem

Web Management System (only in Dutch)

We provide a management system based on Plone for creating KU Leuven websites.

Tools voor communicatie en samenwerking

Tools for communication and collaboration

The central e-mail and calendar environment, and SharePoint.

ICTS PC-klassen

ICTS PC classrooms

Computer classrooms for training and practical sessions, which can be used freely by students.

IT-ondersteuning voor beheerde pc's

IT-support for managed PCs

A large number of PCs at KU Leuven are manages by ICTS. Here you will find all the related support info.

ICTS Opleidingscentrum

ICTS Training center

An overview of our ICT training and info sessions.

Data Services

Data Services

Range of data from the central environments (mainly SAP) via a REST interface.

Beheer van backend services

Backend services management

Management of central servers and sevices: CAV, WSUS, MySQL, DNS, NTP, LDAP



What does ICTS do for the security of your account, data and privacy?


Plans and achievements

The above overview comprises the existing range of services. It is continuously updated and expanded. You can find more information on this subject under plans and achievements.

plans and achievements