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The KU Leuven EZproxy


What is EZproxy?

Since August 5, 2014, the ICTS stuiterproxy has been replaced by EZproxy.
This proxy server is software that provides access for staff and students of the KU Leuven Association to e-resources that can only be reached through an association IP-address.

For whom?

  • Associatie KU Leuven students, staff
  • Internship Master / leader / employee / coordinator Flemish Hospital Network (contact the VZN secretariat)


Which e-resources are redirected?

Unlike the proxy server that until now was in use, the access to a restricted e-resource is only possible when the resource is registered in EZproxy.

Specifically, these are the e-resources that are accessed via Limo (e-journals, databases, e-books, ..).
Libraries can also provide direct access to certain e-resources via their website. In that case, the web address of these e-resources is preceded by the a prefix, eg. "”

Eg. becomes


How does it work?

1. Access to articles, journals, e-books and databases via Limo

  • The e-sources included in Limo ( can be seen from outside the campus after logging in Limo.

In the upper right corner of the screen Limo you get following message:

  • Select "Central login" and log in with your username and password.
  • You now have access to e-resources in Limo that can only be reached through an Association IP address.

2. Access to a specific web address

You can also use a tool to go directly to a web address. Please select the page of your institution:



  • You get to the publisher site, but access to restricted resources is yet not possible
    In that case, you see that the code “…” is not included in the url. This means that the resource is not registered for off campus access. If you think this is in error, you can contact the e-resources department of the KU Leuven library to register this resource for off campus access.
    If off campus access to the resource is permitted according to the license agreement of the publisher, it will soon be activated by the technical services. You will be informed accordingly.
  • You get the message:  “You don’t have the rights to use the EZproxy of ..”
    Only students and staff of an institution can have off campus access to the e-resources the institution pays for. This means that your student registration or contract only allows you to use EZproxy of the institution(s) you below to, and not to the EZproxy of other institutions within the KU Leuven Association. 
    Exceptionally, it can happen that you also see the above message when trying to use EZproxy of your own institution or organization.  This could mean there is an administrative issue. Please contact the e-resources department of the KU Leuven library ( ) in that case. 

  • You can't find the e-resource you want to consult via Limo:
    • contact the e-resource service of the KU Leuven library(
    • To access pages or files off campus within the domain of the KU Leuven Association, students and staff of KU Leuven can use  VPN. More information about this VPN can be found at
    • Off campus access to external sites that don’t belong to the library collection is not possible via EZproxy. Contact the ICTS department of the Leuven ( if you have questions if this causes problems to you.
  • Having other problems?: you can report this via