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Terms of Use

Users of KU Leuven KotNet services must agree to the terms of use, whose aim is to:

  • protect the privacy and security of individual users
  • ensure the security and reliability of KU Leuven systems and networks as well as third party systems and networks
  • safeguard KU Leuven’s reputation as a responsible Internet user
  • protect network services

This document defines the actions considered by KU Leuven to be violating its Terms of Use . This list is not exhaustive. If you wish to ascertain whether certain actions are permissible, please contact

10 commandments of the network user:

  1. Networks operated by KU Leuven and its partner providers (BELNET, UPC, Iverlek) must not be used for illegal purposes. Any handling (including sending, distributing, providing or storing) of materials through the networks operated by KU Leuven and its partner providers which contravenes Belgian, European and international legislation is prohibited. Examples of unacceptable use include infringements of legislation concerning privacy protection, intellectual property rights, trade name protection or or any action that violates the rights of third parties and / or constitutes a criminal offence.
  2. Any use of networks operated by KU Leuven and itspartner providers, which causes damage or inconvenience (of any kind) to other users is prohibited.
  3. Networks operated by KU Leuven and its partner providers must not be used for sending or providing offensive, indecent, threatening or confidential information.
  4. Bulk sending of unsolicited and undesired electronic messages (spamming) is prohibited.
  5. Users must not make passwords or accounts required for gaining access to the network available to others (e.g. dial in account, email account, KotNet account).
  6. It is not prohibited to offer third parties (free or paid) access to the network.
  7. It is prohibited to connect equipment of third parties to the KotNet network.
  8. Any attempt to bypass the security restrictions of a host, network or account is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the retrieval of data not intended for the user, the use of a service or account to which the user has no access, the use of sniffing and scanning tools.
  9. Any attempt to disrupt a service, host or network (denial-of-service attack) is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, deliberate attempts to overload a network or host (flooding) and attempts to crash a system.
  10. It is prohibited to use the network for profitable or commercial purposes unrelated to teaching and research (see

Violation of the Terms of Use

1. Users causing damage to systems or networks will be prosecuted. KU Leuven will cooperate fully in efforts to detect such violations and will disclose user data and log files to the judicial authorities if requested. 2. KU Leuven and its partner providers are entitled to deny network access to users deliberately violating terms of use.


The above terms of use are subject to changes. Users must agree to be bound by these (or updated) terms of use.